Digital Printing for Textiles

  • Fabric + Custom Design

01 Exceptional Print Quality

Top-of-the-line, professional quality printing.

02 Any High-Quality Polyester

We can digitally print on any fabric made of polyester

03 Unlimited Colors and Tones

We can print your design in almost any colors and tones imaginable.

04 Printed in the USA

All of our printing takes place in the United States.

05 Low Minimum Order Quantities

Orders can be as large or small as needed.

06 Partner Level Customer Service

We work with customers closely to help meet their needs.

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What is Digital Printing?

Digital textile printing is a new and innovative process that involves printing an image directly from the computer onto the desired media by way of a large-format inkjet printer. Through our process of dye sublimation printing, we transmit images directly to specially coated paper which is then transferred, under extreme heat and pressure, onto any polyester-based media.

THE RESULT: Unparalleled resolution, crocking, and washfastness. Quality is king, and our process delivers.

Applications for Digital Printing

We offer customized and personalized prints with no minimum quantities and a fulfillment time of 7-10 business days.

We offer custom digitally printed textiles for:

Apparel / Fashion


On Demand Personalization

Baby Products

Promotional Items

Custom Wedding Fabric

Fabrics for Digital Printing

Any polyester fabric or polyester coated media

Extensive Assortment of Made in the USA and Imported Fabrics

Recycled and flame resistant fabrics

Highly versatile printing and unparalleled color

Let us recommend the best material or bring us your own.

Digital Printing Vs. Screen Printing

While digital printing and screen printing both yield similar results, the few differences are profound.

Screen Printing

Rotary screen printing, the most common form of textile printing, is severely limited in several aspects:

  • Limited colors, usually 18 colors or less per design.
  • Color separation and screen engraving translates to long strike-off periods.
  • Limited repeat size due to screen dimensions.
  • Print quality is not sufficient for photo-real imagery.
  • Minimum order quantities typically exceed 1,000 yards per print.
  • Printing is at surface level, yielding average washfastness and crocking.
  • Highly polluting process with high electricity needs.

Digital Printing

Through digital printing, we are able to alleviate these drawbacks:

  • With colors mixed directly on the fabric using a CMYK process, the combination of colors and tones are unlimited.
  • No screen engraving means printing is on-demand and has no limit on repeat size.
  • Print resolution in excess of 300 DPI allows for high-definition photo printing – on fabric!
  • Low minimum order quantities means highly customizable products.
  • Printing is beneath the surface – won’t wash or rub off.
  • Exponentially reduced environmental impact with no effluent to treat.

Creative and Technical Services

The Springs Creative Difference

We pride ourselves on being a global leader in Innovations in Textiles.


  • We house experts in digital printing, textile and graphic design, fabric sourcing and production, product development, branding, marketing, merchandising, and distribution.
  • You can work one-on-one with our design team to develop a perfect design for your needs or send us your design.
  • Your favorite images can be transferred to almost anything, resulting in a final product that is unique, colorful and long lasting.

Patterns / Brands

  • We have over 350,000 vintage design patterns dating back to the 1850s in the Baxter Mill Archive located on our premises, which can be toured or curated for your project.
  • We maintain premium commercial licenses such as Disney, Marvel, Sanrio, John Deere, The Walking Dead and more.
  • We manage unique artist licenses such as Susan Winget, Jennifer Paganelli and Tim Coffey.

Ask Us Your Questions

Digital textile printing is highly customizable and convenient. We will work with you to determine the best product and design for your needs. Contact us to speak with an expert. Thanks!